Casumo as a company is a technology startup formed in 2012, Casumo as a product is a recognized and award-winning online casino. Casumo as a concept though, is literally a whole new universe. We’re not working with casino we are working on changing what the common perception of casino is. Through design, technology & innovation we aim to disrupt a young, but in many ways immature industry by ignoring preconceptions and rules., a casino designed from the ground up to make people smile.

Casumo is a young company who is experiencing fast growth and is characterized by transparency, humbleness and an entrepreneurial style of culture. We are a flat organization which means we stay away from unnecessary titles. For many of the motivated and dedicated employees, the employment with Casumo is regarded as a way of living, and they express pride and passion for the work they do. The modus operandi of the company is fast decisions, informal work style, and speed . To discover more, please visit

What Casumo offers

- Brand new, cool offices in sunny Malta with fabulous sea views;- A small, highly-skilled, energetic and passionate team;- Fully stocked soda fridges, fruits for everyone and beers;- The possibility and freedom to create something new and to make a real difference;- A fun and relaxed working environment with sofas and game consoles;- The chance to work together with brilliant people in a tech-oriented start-up;- A modern and flexible organization where you can grow autonomously;- A flat environment where responsibility, freedom and argument are king. Enormous freedom in a high demanding organization to create something that will leave a mark on this world;- Excellent health and insurance plans.

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